Cozy with Posey is a unique online boutique that provides clients with a personalized shopping experience through design consultations with the owner. We know how challenging it is to find things you love when you’re browsing online and can’t talk about a product or feel the product. Cozy with Posey is here to make the experience as similar as possible to being in a physical store and being able to ask questions and understand what you are purchasing. We are looking to help our clients create a safe, peaceful, and cozy space to take care of themselves. There are other brick and mortar and online boutiques that sell similar products but lack the feeling of the personalized shopping experience – this is the key differentiator for Cozy with Posey. The owner has an extensive background in curating gift sets for different organizations and corporate events, as well as a love for items that create a cozy space. These attributes, mixed with an extensive business background lies a passion for a well – run and successful online shop.



Hello! My name is Julia. I’m the founder of Cozy with Posey in San Francisco, CA. I’ve always dreamed of spreading my love for all things cozy and set out to pursue my passion project. You can often find me curled up in a cozy blanket with a hot beverage and a candle burning.


In these times of stress and sheltering-in-place, you need to be able get even more personal attention and care when you are selecting gifts for friends, family, or as a special treat for yourself.  You need to book up to a half hour with me to discuss how to select the best way to make your life completely special, peaceful, and COZY.


In addition to keeping your personal friends, and yourself, cozy and safe, most of us want to help other people in these times. To paraphrase Dickens...it is the worst of times but also the best of times. We are coming together to reach out and help keep those of us who believe in supporting green businesses and small minority owned businesses. Cozy with Posey wants to support small minority owned businesses and you can join me in helping these businesses thrive.


With the opportunity for us to chat through Zoom you will get the opportunity to learn the stories behind all these amazing products and how they help minority businesses and charities. Let’s chat about how we can benefit our community.


If there are any products you love, want to work together or have any feedback, please drop a note or schedule some time to chat!


Let's Create a Cozy Sanctuary Together.


Create a Cozy Sanctuary Anywhere

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